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Saturday, December 14, 2013

i await your direction

i await your direction

i am but a simple man
who looks upon the darkened heavens at night
with reverence and curiosity

i at times do try to count the Stars
and i wonder of their purpose
as i do of mine own

i would like to know the mind of the hands
which fashioned such things
and to what end they serve

yes i know there exists
many theosophies
and philosophies
that would purport a way
for us to follow
but i know within the depths of my soul
that they all but
faintly ring of any truth

so here i am standing
my chest expanding
with this breath
that one day
these hopes for a certain absolution
will come my way
turning on that final light
that i may see
and understand

over the years
i have demanded
of my existence
of God
and all else
something quantifiable
beyond the pliancy of faith
and i still await
the speaking of a definable
verifiable voice
that liberates me
from making a choice
of which road i shall choose

in the meantime
all i can do
is travel through this wilderness
cutting my own path
for none can i trust in
that was prepared for me
by the variable
kaleidoscopic truth of others

the journey is a lonely one
outside of the herd
which is my elective
for to be a part of any flock
truly frightens me
and i know not why
. . .  perhaps i fear stampedes

but i will follow you my Creator
as i have
throughout all time
even if you do not speak
from without
but from within

so here i stand
in my own wilderness
embracing what solitude i can
vigilant and pensive
imagining through my quixotic heart
with my eye becoming singular
more by each day
without deliberation
but the lore of contemplation
of the feel of your lips
upon my heart
. . .i have felt them before
and i know . .
You are the cure
for what ails me
and . . .

i await your direction

© October 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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