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Sunday, December 29, 2013

let thy self be loosed

let thy self be loosed

upon the winds of time
there is a message
for he who listens

empires will rise
and empires will fall
as goest thy grace
for he who lives and feedest
upon the meals of the world

where is thy treasure O’ Soul
where doth thy hide
that which is cherished
throughout eternity . . .
where do thee keep thy God

we display our Faith
feeble as it may be
upon the mantle
and in trophy cases
that others may laud our stature
but we are weak
and we are broken
and know it not

our strengths we keep cloaked
behind the walls of
our doubts
our worries
our tears
our fears
of being set aside
and vilified
for not being like “them”

O’ where is thy faith my child ?
when will you come to know
that you are as were made . . . perfect ?

i ask you, if the hands
of that which is perfect
crafted thee,
what else can thy be ?

Doctrines have induced the people
to slip beneath the veil
that the Sun may not shine on them
and bleach clean
their soiled delusions

and we pretend to
rise up against conformity
while speaking the need
to acquiesce
to our children

be free my child . . .be free

follow the wind
and be as He
and look and behold
the wonder of thy glory
which is in all things

turn the stone
and “I” am there
cleave the wood
and there “I” be
look within
and see me
as your are
waiting for you
to but listen . . . listen
to thy still small voice

the petal spreads it’s arms
to embrace the light of the holy
that life offers
and a fragrance of sweetness
breaks forth and
is given to the world

a child smiles
without a thought or need
and seeds of joy
are planted in creations garden . .
just because
and God smiles along

where doth thy feet stand ?
are you grounded in the holy of holies ?
can you hear the song being sung

listen to the wind
as it calls your name
to come join us
do you hear it ? . . .
the call

won’t you spread your wings
and let your spirit
become untethered
from the worn and weathered deceits
that are abound ?

you were never lost
for Soul knew of You
knew of me
and it whispered in the winds
hoping you would see
that you are
more than you can ever be
in this world

let thy self be loosed

© 29 December 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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