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Monday, May 2, 2011

in you . . .

in you . . .

the vision of love has captured me
the imaginings are overwhelming
i think of such things as our embrace
and it’s tenderness

i close my eyes
to see the twinkling of wonder in yours
as you look upon my face
and the ecstatic joy of our mutual presence
in this place
where naught else matters
but the gift we give to each other
being here

all the things of life
the worries
the cares
the fears
and doubts
have melted away
like cotton candy
on a hot July day
and all i can say
is thank you
for the love of you
i have awakened to
in this consciousness
behind these closed eyes

a consciousness replete
imbued with colors of magic
the magic of cosmic butterflies
dancing in the fragrance of the garden
of this lovely dream
where all fruits are sweet
and each bite is sweeter than the last
where all song
is etherically hosted
by the communion of our hearts

yes, these closed eyes
are the keepers of this dream
that my inner child treasures
a pleasure unrequited
in the world of men’s understandings
and demandings
in their journey of the outside
where we all hide
from our truths

yes, behind these closed eyes
i am free to surmise
the path i have remembered
the path i travel
where all delusion unravels
to reveal
what i will to be real
my vision
the vision of love
that has captured me

in you . . .

© 1 May 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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