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Sunday, May 8, 2011

the Day my Mother died . . .

the day my Mother Died

she has nurtured me
throughout the years of my cognizance
of life
she gave birth to all that i thought i was
and all that i am

she with assistance from Father
spawned my greater
i spawned the dark

it was upon her breast
that i learned the meaning of solace
a lesson one should not soon forget
for these days
it is integral

it was her eyes of understanding
that always was capable
of reading my soul
and many times
she spoke in silence
as she told me what time it was
even when i was late
in my compliance to the good

and these days as i remember
as i reflect
in the mirror i see clearly now
no longer i peer through the dark looking glass
for i know
that i am her child
though for a while
i did think otherwise
but my eyes of truth’s way of reconciling things
have yet to fail itself

and that is perhaps the greatest wealth
a Mother gives
the epitome
of why they live
to awaken
to that seemingly ethereal place
we have forsaken
to love
to nurture
until life is no more in this body

and somehow we embrace the lesson
and today, i am confessing
this revelation
this redundant epiphany
that with the absence of the sensation
of her physical presence
the present she imparted
was greater than my understandings
and demandings
i have cried about all my brief stay here

in the breast of her love for me
Mother has seeded my garden with
there are no fears
and through the tears
of my convoluted quest for peace within
again i must confess
that the best of who i am
is my Mother

and today this is what i celebrate
in my evocations
of how i walk through this life
in the rife of this inner peace
she has activated in me
which without cease
that calls forth
beckons my greater self
in every waking moment
every heart beat
every breath

yes, i live in this realm of love
i indwell
in this realm of joy
when i remember
the day my Mother died
that she may live in me

Happy Mother’s Day Mom

©  8 May : 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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