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Thursday, May 5, 2011

i weep . . .

i weep

the ravenous wolves of reality
are at the door
and puffing
and kicking
and scratching
gathering their wind
that they may blow the house down
for they say
the house of our civility
has stood too long
and they want our flesh

their carnivorous cousins on the west bank
of their delusional perspectives
are those with the charmed tongue
sowing sweet words of deceit
in hopes that we will eat
the propaganda
they offer
in hopes we ingest
and digest
and go back to sleep
and i weep

they all look like Grandma
with their large sharpened teeth
and they say
keep your Red Hoods of innocence
tightly tied upon your head
for surely the dead
will not celebrate your coming
in your spiritual slumming
of truth

and as we look for some sort of basis
to base our stasis upon,
another Fairy Tale is being created
that we may endure
but another day
along the way
that leads us in circles
of the embraced illusions
and our own personal delusions
as we confirm our own meaninglessness
in this mess
we have allowed
to manifest
to this stage in this age
of our Soul’s non connectedness
and i weep

and in our sleep
our Brothers are killing each other
and Mother is no longer sobbing
but wailing in deep anguish
for the language of love amongst us
has lost it’s tongue
and our lungs
no longer breath the breath of goodness
nor God-ness
for we have chosen the dream
instead of the action
and allowed this faction
of self to prevail
throughout our Nights
and our Days

and though we know
we must change our ways
we still look for that Cosmic Playground
of idleness
and non partisanship
that we may play
upon the Swings
as we vacillate
and swing in and out
of the realm of truth
and not willing to grasp
the fact
that we are at the helm
of this ship
that sails
these turbulent Seas
of Meez

and our children’s future souls  wail
pertaining the harsh realities
we have given consent to
while inside we hide
and embrace the flood of our own tears
upon the flowing fears
and we weep

i weep

© 4 May 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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