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Saturday, November 16, 2013

we have not forgotten our Magic

we have not forgotten our Magic

there is a Magic that has prevailed
since the inception of our time here
walking amidst the chambers of our hearts
nurturing the horizons of our hope
feeding the appetites of our dreams
spawning untold, unspoken imaginations
that men would never let go of life

She now uncloaks herself
to dance nakedly in our “Gnosis”
as this New Age . . .
Known Age
is being ushered in
and we are remembering

the Stars have always spoken to the wonder of men
but now we are listening
and no longer embracing the teaching from without
but that which we know is certain,
that which is within

we are beginning to dance again
to the Song “Life” has been singing
in our sleep, which is why
we still smile
along the pathways
no matter the arduousness
of our journey

no more lullabies

what is our death
but a door opening
providing us with the opportunity
to transition,
to that which we have always been

Conscious of Self

we must know of Love
for She is our Holy Mother
which fashions the primal thoughts
of all men
and Mother can not be denied
can she ?

Oh Ye Sons and Daughters of the One
let loose thy judgments
for they will drag you beneath the currents
as well
and your breath
may be lost

the raging streams
of our constructed kaleidoscopic consciousness
that of Man’s created bias,
perhaps mean no harm
but meaning was always
ours to give
ours to live
so live it with your joy bared
upon the sleeve of your Soul
which is connected
to the Zero Point
that lies just before the Chaos

your Peace awaits you
and you have heard Her call
and no anguish of the world of our delusions
shall abate her for long
for the Fabric of Time
was weaved with purpose
by her Clan
for our temporal amusement

let us no longer frolic in vain
for the abyss has swallowed
too many of our Lights thus far
in this eternal day,
this day that has no end

but heed ye not
to the noise of distraction
for we have not forgotten
where we have come from
have we my Brother, my Sister

we have not forgotten our Magic

© 16 November 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

World Healing ~ World Peace
Poetry 2014

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