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Monday, November 11, 2013

in gratitude

in gratitude

my Brother, my Sister
we have shared this path
we call life
from the rife
to the strife
and back again

we have shared the tears
the fears
and the
“i love you dear(s)”
over the years

there have been many a victory
and many a defeat
and even more lessons
betwixt the confessions
of our supposed hidden transgressions
that we kept from
our own light

but blight
did not overtake us

we all have been sighted
to desire more
which that fire still burns
as we yearn
for a more compleat joy

we have struggled and smiled
cried for a while
picked our selves up
and altered our style
for a bit

but when we look back
and think about it
we lived
we loved
our way through
this wilderness
in our own way

our Souls ever pining
amongst the incessant whining
we still pressed forward
the mark

and today here we stand
seeking to understand
how we have come so far

well so far
all i can say
is that this day
i am here
for our steps have been guided
but a force
of course
greater that who we know our selves to be

and with this little insight
i shall no longer fix my sights
upon my own
delusional intelligence
for they never
added a cubit
unto who i am
then, nor now
but somehow
we have made it through

the breath
was given
the heart beat
was given
and as i look upon
how i am living
i realize
that my eyes
were not always open
to see the blessings
of life
and i was riven

but no longer

no longer
will i hold my voice
i shall sing
in fragrant colours of joy
and be a sweet fruit
that all may eat
and learn to smile again
as i now do
with you
for you
for me
in gratitude
to have shared this path with you

© 11 November 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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