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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Sermons

Sunday Sermons

it was not Sunday
but it was Sun Day
for the light did not fail me
this day

like as certain as certain can be
you did rise

messages have flooded our consciousness
with choices of no end
and dreams
are but that gate
where we may escape
and visit upon our convictions
without conviction
and guilt

the silt lies at the bottom of the pool
a place where fools lie
searching for shadows
to hide from them selves
but this can not be achieved
can it ?

why does man choose still
to parade as clowns of knowing
yet continue sowing
seeds of discord
in what could be
the prefect garden ?

we ardently participate
playing the Game of Life
while the Milton Bradleys
provide us with vicarious triumphs

and the Parker Brothers and Mattels smile on
all the way to the Bank
depositing remnants
of our Bankrupt futures
because we let the Brokers break us
as we trust
as we are told to

they took God
and put his Eye
on the Dollar
and your eye to
as we say aye,
yes, i understand
what you would have me do

though i have little clue
about the totality of the game is
my nose smells Denmark
and something is rotten
and it is not the cheese

so perhaps i will go to Church
and listen
to another of those Sunday Sermons
of Fox News
or CNN
and then again
i can begin again
to start to understand
what it is you are teaching me
and then i can preach it to the masses
just like you told me to
in those Sunday Sermons

© 17 May 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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