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Wednesday, September 24, 2014



i obeisantly stand
in the dew laden grass
of the night
and the cold damp moisture
awakens my avatar

as Buddha would say
“the earth is my witness”

and i look deeply
into the dark
Star strewn  heavens
where untold countless paths
which possess
untold countless possibilities
of the way
a man should go

i know there is a mystery
i have yet to comprehend . . .

shall i render my wonder
to the simplicity
or my suspect  faith
or shall i tease my inquisitiveness
to come and play with me
and together we create
yet another dimension
yet to unfold

i think about that “Zero Point”
from whence all that is
was spawned
and i question
who made The Zero

who was is that set this burning coal
within my heart
and girded my mind,
my loins
with that same incessant
for more

who is it that could conceive
of such a perfect wonder
as the “Breath of Life”
and make it so ?

i have in the soul of my hand
a power unquenched
that thirsts for more
and i trepidation-ously
cast my caution behind me
into that abyss
for another day
another night
just like this

and perhaps then
answers will greet me
with a light that works
as it should
and open arms
as i
i obeisantly stand
in the dew laden grass
of the night
as the cold damp moisture
awakens my avatar


© 22 September 2014 : william s. peters

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