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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

World Healing Day Announcement


Greetings Family, My Brother and My Sisters,

We all have an understanding of our own individual goodness and what our focus is here at Inner Child . . . Embracing, Empowering and Enlightening our Divine Inner Child . . .  individually and collectively through our connectivity and the sharing of such goodness we all possess.

The reason for this message today is a simply one of reminding / providing you with information that we have approaching a magnificent opportunity to further our connectivity and empowerment of our Goodness approaching in the form of  :

World Healing Day

This year, World Healing Day is 

April the 28th.

Last year this event was celebrated in over 70 Countries around our wonderful Planet. This day has been mandated in 22 States within the US and many many Countries as well. We ask you to Join Us in the Love of Humanity to further elevate the World Healing, Peace and Love vibration . . .  YOU COUNT . .  YOU MATTER !!!

On April the 9th and 23rd on Inner Child Radio, we will have the Founder of World Healing Day, Bill Douglas who is also a dynamic Author with us for 2 hours each day to further speak on such subject of all the Global Celebrations such as World Tai Chi Day, World Poetry Day, World Yoga Day, etc.
you can listen to last years interview here.

Listen to internet radio with Inner Child Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Additionally, Bill Doulglas and his lovely Wife Angela were our Feature at Inner Child Magazine : Bill Douglas Article

There you will find more information about the Organization and all that Bill and Angela do for you, for me for us all. We can use your energy, for as i said earlier . . .  You Do Matter.

Mark your Calendars for April 9th, 23rd and April the 28th for World Healing Day.

Thank You for your presence.


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