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Sunday, April 8, 2012

can you do that for me . . . it only cost a dollar down the street

can you do that for me . . . it only cost a dollar down the street

dollars for crosses at flea markets
jewelry stores and the such
ambiguous self explanative meanings attached
and perhaps the directions

note :

put cross around your neck
and hang your self
that you may die
and live again ..

the path to resurrection

not realizing
death is required
that one may be borne
again ?
and again . .

i die daily
and i would more often
if i could
it is the only way
to get rid of the poison
that keeps reinfecting my heart

cast the shadows
of dispersion upon me
and give me reason
to take this life
before i take yours

the fleeting pleasures of retribution
offers no solution
to the eternal woes
of my soul

duly noted

you goaded me in to that
causing me to hate your ass

a plausible excuse
but let us go to defcon 3
hear me
and label it reason
another fable
laced with
justifiable insanity perhaps
for this is but
a contextual asylum . . .isn’t it ?

inanely put
my chap
said the jester to the rabbit
while mentally masturbating
in Alice’s construal dream
who’s hole was it ?

the abysmal sickness
were put into the blankets
by those who thought themselves
calling us savages
go figure
and they bore crosses too

mean time during the age
where sages burned “witches”
with Red Hair . .
they were witches weren’t they ?

it doesn’t matter
as long as we got the lesson

what lesson you ask

it’s simple

grab your cross
and put it around your neck
and voluntarily
give up your life

can you do that for me ?

it only cost a dollar down the street

© Easter 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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