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Saturday, April 21, 2012

all is one big Ocean

all is one big Ocean

no, she’s not dead
she just went ahead
and i shall meet her at the pass

when i surmise
the time we spent
it went by much too fast

but through it all
the joys we shared
left me with much to tell

and though you still
watch over me
know that i am doing well

see, the love we have
is my hearts salve
and gratitude is my way

and though the winds
of life do blow
in winds we all do sway

but the memories of
our joy filled love
are memories i shall hold

for in this space
i kiss your face
that smile of shining gold

so make a space
upon your bed
and rose wine i shall bring

as we reunite
man’s end insight
and all the souls shall sing

about the joys
here not deployed
which awaits our final presence

eternity’s embrace
all hearts shall taste
the holiest of our essence

the wells shall spring
upon Angels Wing
and all re-learn to fly

our chains unfettered
no longer tethered
open’d thy single eye

for all is one
under One Sun
the Flower, the Spirit and i

thy soul is cleansed
need not amend
for Soul can not die

so here i stand
need not a plan
for what shall be shall “BE”

and i come to know
as the River does flow
that Life is eternity

all is one big Ocean

© 21 April 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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