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Sunday, April 15, 2012

too much blood . . . will you bleed for me Poet ?

too much blood . . . will you bleed for me Poet ?

too much blood has been spilled
by our ancestors
for us to adorn the cloak
of indifference

too many tears
have watered the garden
of our tomorrows
for us to cast the fruit
of our forefathers sacrifices
back to the ground
to rot
as if it had no meaning

too many of our siblings
were strung up in trees
to set an example
for our stupidity
of this day

have we no shame ?

too many Mothers
have gone hungry
that their children may eat

too many Fathers
have humbled themselves
below that of the shadows
that they may provide shelter
and substance
that we may come
without this damn
shuck and jive
of an unempowered life

and this day
offers no obesience
or reverence
or thankfulness

though pussy
and copulation
is important
that procreative process,
are we even aware of the test
we now are indulged in
i wonder

the children of the Creator
our Creator
are still being laid
upon the soils of bias
to bleed their retributive anguish
upon the consciousness
of their Brothers and Sisters
woe be me
woe be you

too much blood
has stained the Garden
stained the planks
of the Cargo Ships

Cargo ?

our forefathers
were naught but that
a commodity
that somebody
saw fit
to shackle and chain
upon the refrain
of civility

and here we are
the indentured servants
who willingly labor
for naught
but a few prime morsels
from the tables
from that Big House
we still vie for
die for
while denying
our greater destiny
to become the Kings
the Queens
we once were

hear me
feel me
that sovereignty
within me
within you

too much blood
continues this venue
of the Sleeping Beauties
we are
wake up
wake up
for too much blood
is still being let
upon our Streets
our Families
and within us
as we bleed this ink
a reckoning
that can only be
when i see
that too much blood
too much blood

will you bleed for me Poet ?

© 15 April 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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