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Saturday, April 21, 2012

metaphorically speaking

metaphorically speaking

metaphorically speaking
my felicific meanderings
and masturbatory philandering
is best done
with my own pandering
of self

i mean . . .
if i can’t get my self ON
and Off
then who can

i am ready
to pop my Betty
in Boo
and you too

you see
something within me
has been brewing
all my damn life
and i think
it is time to set the table
that we may dine

the fables of this day
we have been fed
are true

the handwriting on the walls
in those holy halls
we call scripture
that was dispersed
for man to ingest
was but a test
to see if we were listening

let he who has an ear hear
is what he said
yet we kept
the agitating doctrines
and teachings
for they disturbed
our sense of peace

but you knew
like i knew
that the day would come
when all this bullshit
had to cease
yes we knew
like Agnew knew
that’s what Gil Scott said

that song plays over and over
in my head

yes sometimes
we do have those epiphanies
disturbing our delusional symphonies
and we get on our knees to pray
pleading for our anguish to stop

pour some milk on it
as we listen to the
Snap, Crackle and Pop
and just like Rice Crispies
they ain’t crispy no more

like whores on the first of the month
we think we got it goin’ on
getting paid
to get laid
but again
like Gil spoke
“did you hear what they said”

choke on that shit

another song of reckoning
playing between my ears
skipping recordings
beckoning me
and you too dude
to stop feuding
and fighting
with our higher self

we have been looking for treasure
and misguided temporal pleasures
when the Gold of Soul
was always within
is that the original Sin ?
Lorde help us

and we are still raiding
that damn Tree
in the Garden
blaming it on Satan
that’s what Flip quipped . . .
“the Devil made me do it”

like the only Cock in the Chicken yard
we the Bards of expressions
are parading vibrantly
as we mock God himself
with our terse verse

please, get a grip
or you will be back again
for the next trip
around this damn
merry go round

like clowns in a Carnival
we have learned
to paint our own faces
crazy ain’t it
makeup !

Are we the Gods
of this Breath we have
while we have it ?
is this the test
we have come to take

who will pass this “GO”
you can keep the damn $200.00
i just want out of the game
where my name is the Monopoly
of how i am identified
and thus

that guy born “me”
has died a long time ago you see
and i have been struggling fervently
to recapture that essence
the presence
of who “i” in my deepest recesses
know that i am

you see,
the “i” in me is my Cosmic Gem
and i have been mining for it
minding for it
looking for what i already have

and when i did open my eyes
i realized
that you had it too

we all have
that connection
without deflection
that escapes the obvious detection
that tells us of the direction
we should go

march on

and i know
you know
what i am speaking on

i think soon come the time
when rhyme will no longer suffice

better realize
before the time is gone

metaphorically speaking

© 21 April 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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