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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

what we are becoming

what we are becoming

the light was fading from her eyes
and we all knew it
we called the malady Cancer

her Soul was being reassigned
she feebly protested
as life tested her resolve
and ours as well

i never could quite put it all together
and still reason wrestles in the shadows
as that proverbial enemy is never conquered
the one named “Why”

perhaps that is the quest
to awaken the souls of men
to question again
the fabric of existence
i think God likes the attention
not to mention . . .
the prayers

somewhere within me
prevails a sarcastic tone
that emanates from my own personal bell
in my own personal steeple
that rings daily
many times disturbing my peace
my sleep
my solace

the children at times seem to be lost
in a convoluted query
of which none may answer to
not even self
perhaps self acceptance
will dull the pain of absence
who really knows

they have plenty of doctrinal pills
one can swallow
but eventually,
they all come out the other end
for me, i have this
words of empty reflections
and circumspections
which recycle themselves daily
eating the fruit of their own seeds
needs ?

what are they ?
is it the batteries fault ?
or the manufacturer ?
perhaps that is the way
it was all designed
a brief journey here
which ushers forth a thirst
to expand beyond
the perceived limitations

that is what they are
are they not

or should we call it an opportunity
to discover what we are becoming
beyond the realm
of what we choose to forget

what we are becoming

© April 9, 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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