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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

just the shoes of your compromise

just the shoes of your compromise

we all knew
that Winter was on it’s way
though Fall had not yet arrived

men were beginning to contrive
their plans
for the seasons yet to come
in a redundant fashion
just as they did
every year
this time

some were stocking food
some women
taking names
and numbers
in their little black books
the nookie crooks
looking for a warmth
found in
the sweet respite
of temporal
and delusional love

this would do to Spring time
they often said
before they commenced with the lies
and stories
of the glories
of what a Winter relationship
would offer

everyone wanted
a place
a face
to hibernate in
or with
but respect often
was never a considered quantity
in the equation
was it

Christmas was coming soon
go west young man
was the tune
most heard
but most migrated to the South

the leaves began to fall from the Trees
and grown damn men
were down on their proverbial knees
to get a leg in
some needy woman’s door
where the meals were hot
and on time
and hopefully
she was a dime piece
but if she could burn
that was a good start

hearts were expectant
everyone needed something
didn’t they

we all weighed out our options
as the Winter Solstice approached

and we coached our selves into believing
the lies were
could we survive
another year this way

but our fears of loneliness
would not let us alone
and it is known
that the boogie man
took prisoners
just turn out the bedroom lights
and look under your bed
you won’t find Santa

just the shoes of your compromise

©  17 September 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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