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Friday, September 28, 2012

i can not explain

i can not explain

no, i did not mean to hurt you
no i did not mean to make you cry

i know the words i spoke
were mean
and bitter
and i can not take them back

all i can now do
is live here in regret
but i can not
no i can not
take them damn words back

i have said i am sorry
a million times a day
since that day
when my tongue
went wayward

there are a million excuses
i can come up with
but none of them
can take away this sorrow
they did not yesterday
they did not today
and i know they will not

i have tried to reason
with myself
season after season
since that day
and i can not explain
the pain i feel
when i face my self

i have long ago
stop looking in mirrors
for i do not like what
nor who i see

and though i believe
i have become a better man
here i still stand
with this burden
upon me
that i can not escape

yes, i can not escape
that day
this day
nor tomorrow
i can not explain

i have tried forgiveness
and God
and Prayer
Self Talk
a New Walk
yet i can not walk away from that damn memory
of the things i said
to you

the words still dance in my head
as does the picture of your tears
after all these years
and i still
. . . can not explain

© 22 September 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

inspired by Rachelle Ferrel’s Song “I Can Explain”

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