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Thursday, September 20, 2012

eating pieces of heaven

eating pieces of heaven

pieces of heaven were falling lusciously
out of the crying sky
and i stood with my neck arched back
mouth open, catching the wonder of my imagination
on my tongue

i have not done this since i was a child
tasting the sounds of that which pitter pattered
in my ears and my wonder

i was orally harvesting raindrops
that i may one day speak the story of their travels
and the lore of the land and the peoples who lived their dreams

as i thought, as i contemplated, as i quixotically imagined
they began to transmute to words
and implant themselves firmly in my creative cortex
a vortex where my inquisitive child likes to play
along with the many muses who paraded in and out
of this mythical mystical Sandbox of my expressions

we built Castles

this was all too overwhelmingly magical for me
as the lights of Fairy’s tails began to sparkle

i danced with an inward glee
and an unusual happiness took over
and let loose any restraint i may have had

there was an inner quiet playing a song
i remembered from long ago
the silence was not eerie enough
for i could still hear my self thinking in color
and i began to imagine my self dancing in the fields
of lost joys filled with pastels waiting to be borne
in the fragrance of flowers budding
acknowledging my arrival
footstep by footstep
smile by smile

the Sun was beaming in shimmering kaleidoscopic brilliance
pulling at my heart with sweet incantations
beckoning me to let go of my logics
for it needed my clarity that it may shine through me
and i acquiesced to becoming it’s “Ray Bucket”
that i may carry it forth and share it with the world
we danced this day didn’t we

the circles became complete as circles can possibly be
and i saw the lands of many places come before me
to introduce themselves as friends
and relatives i put aside
in the interests of minding my time
as if it were my own

there were delicious twinkles in their eyes
and i wanted to taste every sparkling thought
they ever had that i may see first hand
the glory of what exponential potential
may possibly mean

i was standing on the edge of the Universe
with Chaos chiding me to believe
that all was sacred and nothingness
was my trove of treasures
awaiting my touch of surreality,
the magic i held semi-contained
within the illusory boxes of my supra consciousness

oh my . . .
what have we done i asked my multiplicitous imaginary self.
have we accidentally discovered the undiscoverable ?

have we uncloaked the path from reason to dreams
where all things are but a thought away ?

where does the beyond meet the “now” save but within me
an epiphany i can not let go

in this brief yet eternal finite appearance
my thirst and my hunger were satiated
and the equated  logics i once prized, now failed

but they did what they were suppose to do
they brought me here
where at this very juncture
i have punctured and torn my comfy fur collared coat
that embraced me in my illusory  subjugation

and with that i knew
with a verifiable certainty
i was at the dinner tables of all dinner tables
preparing for a feast that Kings and Queens have been denied
and morsel by morsel
thought by thought
i realized that i was
eating pieces of heaven

© 20 September 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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