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Thursday, September 6, 2012

i attest

i attest

my sweet Father
how is it my tongue
can find such sweet flatterous words
when i need thee the most
these times are dire

there are challenges anew
that greet me
at the Sunrise
each day
without fail

they lay with me
each night
as i seek the solace
of sleep

there is no sense in me
that is common
and the wisdoms
of the ages of creation
that of the Sages
are not that of my own
save when you visit upon me
this i have always known

they say
your grace is sufficient
i attest

show unto me
the face that i seek
that i may taste
the joy of your presence
in thy bridal chamber

wed me and bed me
and take from me
my naiveté
that i may see
that you are my provider
the champion
my heart has longed for

thy spirit
has stirred my waters

draw no quarters
take no prisoners
unloosen my bonds
and smite me
with thy mightiest blow
that this darkness
which looms about me
and within
‘til i know of only light

let me again
be pleasing
in thy sight

Oh my sweet Father
e’en in death
there is no peace
without thee
i attest
for i have died a thousand times one thousand
this day

and though the way
has allowed me the power
to pick my life up again
i keep picking
up my old self

renew me
redeem me
break me
and make me
a “New” vessel
that i may hold a New Wine
pressed from
your Holy Vine
by your hands
that has not been moved
by the illusions
of time

i have no plans
that are valid
nor worthy
of an eternity
without you
and thy blessings

and now i am confessing
that without you Father
i am like
an untethered feather
in a cosmic storm strewn gale
immersed in a world
of Sins and Failures
that is not of me
nor my kind

and i wax blind
and sore
to my core
when thou speakest not
to me

hear me
hear my words
feel my longing heart
which aches for your embrace

let my eyes
with a twinkling wonder

let thy servant
look upon thy face
for surely you already know
that . . .
“i need thee”

i attest

© 6 September 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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