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Sunday, July 1, 2012

they were right

they were right

there are faint voices
bidding to be heard
but fear rebukes them
for the busy souls of us
who have no time
to listen

we dress our pains so prettily
with polite smiles
and polite gestures
of acceptance
for ostracization
is but another
in our hearts
of misunderstanding

all we vied for
and thus will ultimately
die for
is but a sweet meaningful embrace

a loving ingratiation
and appreciation
for who we are
where we hide
and thus call our inner child

and the anguish of this child
is ever vigilant
diligent in it’s seeking
for absolution
a reparation of the ages
that neither priests
nor sages
really quite acknowledged
nor wished to speak on
teach on
preach on
for it negated their need
amongst the common people

they built steeples
with loud bells
so that you could find them
upon the  calling
the ringing
of the bell

your bell
our bell
makes no difference
for their was Dogma
to preach about
teach about
and tell
over and over again
to us parishioners
we believed exactly
what they wished for

bring your offerings
to the Altar
and let us alter you
neuter you
all checks and cash and credit cards
without exception
the grand deception

Pulpits and Pews
and Thrones
for the King of the people
and Altars too
made in China
maybe Taiwan
or Malaysia
or the good ole USA
with imported woods
should you think
it was not exotic enough
for your Custom Designed God
but don’t forget your check books
and before you leave the house
check looks
in the mirror
for there is a standard
to maintain here

now on with the Sermon of the Week

there once was a guy named Herman
who the people believed a Vermin
cause he did not remit
nor submit to the shit
that we were so damned determined
to believe
cause we needed to believe
just to make it through the day
cause those damn voices
were whispering again
that we had lost our way
a long time ago

and didn’t you know
they were right
they were right

© 29 June 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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