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Saturday, July 14, 2012



we all have donned the pretty costumes ?
with mask as well
to play the part
that circumstance
and emotion
has given us to play

but it was not us

some were masterful
in the delivery of their lines
some stumbled
many went on to study
to become better thespians
expressing the inhumane side
while their true lies
did abide
and their truest of truths
did reside
and hide

if there is a sin
it is that we were
of the fares
we exacted
the anguish impacted
upon our audience
those who cared
to come and watch
the show . . . our show

we were masterful
in our crafts
as our words altered paths
of those we loved
and those whom
we did not even know
for our performances
were so convincing

we had them all wincing
at some point and time
and that was a validation
of sorts
wasn’t it

yes it confirmed
and reaffirmed
that we could go into character
and take our character
along with us for the ride
while decimating
the hopes and esteems
of others
our very own
and Brothers

you see, i too
have been on this stage
plaguing my own wonder
with harsh expectorations
and exhortations
thinking it was liberating me
from my angst

yet all it served to do
was distance you
from my love
as i was pushed away from yours
as well
do tell !

why in my rants
i have even toured
with the Troupe
opening my act in
many cities
where pities dwelled
offering encore performances
of my own private hell

the curtain calls
made me think
i was important
and cherished
if but in my own mind

i was not even kind
to my self
yet . . .
thank the Providence
i did find my self
that one day

you see,
i stumbled upon something
fumbled the words
i so often have spoken before
and they just did not feel right

i don’t know exactly what transpired
but i do know
that i was tired
of just being a thespian
on this stage of life

given scripts
allowing my lips
to speak such poisons
about you
my self
on cue
like i was the Director’s puppet

but i must ask now
who is the writer
who holds my mind
to manipulate
with his mightier than the sword

perhaps i will be like him some day
become the one
who writes these screenplays
and learn to not write
but to Direct
and Produce
something valid
and of use
that ushers forth a goodness
for the Thespians of the morrow
to act out
shout out
speak about
not only on the stages of our lives
but in our lives
and speak a light
into the lives of others

no doubt


© 14 July 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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