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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

are mine to find

are mine to find

i have chased butterflies
and impregnated dreams
in the fields of my Lorde

i have see days
when the longings of my heart
and the thirst of my curiosity
could not be abated
nor sated

i have tasted the bitter fruit
the unripened
and the sweet as well
and each bite
had a divine story to tell

i have experienced
elated thoughts
that i never believed
would be
could be
grounded again

i  have uncovered
and exposed
smiles upon the faces
of children
and adults alike

i have shook hands
shared ideas
and broken bread
with those whom i thought to be
who thus revealed unto me
that we were kin folk

i have found a certain solace
in the quiet eyes
and gentile ways
of the elderly
who blessed me in barter
with the gift of their wisdom
in exchange for my time
and my ear

i have walked
the wonder of the field
and the wood
and was introduced
to a realm of existence
a wonder about me
i / we often ignore

i have seen
pink skies
blue skies
red skies
grey skies
yellow skies
white and purple too
all with these wonderful
pair of eyes
that share it’s joys
with my heart

i have stood naked
and unabashed
in torrential rains
and the soft alike
and felt a deep cleansing take place
in my soul
as my entire essence
was purged of the stains
and soiled feelings
i did not readily wish
to let got

there have been many a mountain
in my life
many i passed by
some i climbed
of which many i did not crest
nor put forth my best effort
yet just the same
i am still the richer
for the experience
of trying
and vying
to see if i can

i have laid upon my back
watching the clouds of those skies
as they watched over me
and we played together
a game of “Shape Shifting”
becoming something other
than what we were

i have stood on many a beach
and looked out upon the vastness
of a seemingly endless ocean
with my toes dug in the wet sands . . .
and the soft beached waves
caressed my feet
whispering tales
of far off lands
far off beaches
far off sands
that are a part of my horizons
and my here

i have spent days
putting aside duty
to indulge
in the wonder
of letting go
while daydreaming
for no particular reason
or agenda
i was free

i have spent much time in my life
studying . . .
attempting to see
what else i could be
or what was wrong
to see what kept me
from singing my life song
that which i dearly

there have been some answers
and many perhaps i did not hear
but life continued with its agenda
it’s venue of progression
and i could not stay in the past
no matter how much i tried
for “Now” always reminded me
of what was important . . .
being ”Here”

i have been extremely blessed
in my life

when i tire
i rest
when i hunger
i eat
or i fast
when i thirst
i drink
if i can

i can smile
or not
but most importantly
i can choose
so i do
choose to be happy
where all these magnificent possibilities
and life options
are mine to find

© 18 July 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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