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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

divine expression

divine expression

a dark spirit came upon me . . . man
one not common
in the realm
of my understanding

it affected
and thus infected me,
causing me to vie
and rise up against my brother
and let his blood
upon the soil
of our blessings

a shall call her name . .
for she is in me
and has found a home
in this, my private eternity

when will i be loosed

i was stripped of my honor
and cast to an unknown wilderness
and destined to know of a woman
who was not of my rib

we made a sort of
discordant conjugal music
chorused with tongues
that babbled
in non symphonious to9nes
ushering forth and eschewed view
of my distant fading memories
of my smiles and
of Eden
a place where Abel was able
to outshine me
in the eyes of that Entity
which Lorded over us
with enmity

was this seed of tortuous expression
the fault of my Mother ?
or is some other generational curse
exacting such a suffering
in my crooked walk

was it the lack of forthrightness
of my “Earthly Seed Bearer”,
who is the progenitor
of my woes . . .
who knows

my feet, my toes,
oh how they do miss
the damp verdant laden soils
of that garden,
that which my ardent heart
still yet dreams of

i vies for a “Celestial Forgiveness”
that will allow me to return,
if but for a “Stilled” visit
in Time’s special illusion

a delusion will do . . . for now

i year to once again
taste the sweet fruit
of the labor of my hands
as the sweat of my brow
nurtures the expectations
of a bountiful harvest

but . . . what was i given
to take with me
in my banishment ?

Prayers and Faith ?

who is it that shall
sequester my earnest requests
for reprieve
from this cloak of disdain
and despair
i must wear ?

and in a certain knowing
i still am sowing
seeds on hope
as i cope
with this doom filled
dichotomous reality
betwixt a “Good”
and an “Evil”
that manifests
as a test
for all souls
who toil against their reason

none of it makes for
a reasonable defense
that offers a satiable recompense

so i simply speak
in the same voice
of First Father
“Let their be Light”
and i brightly shine
for that seed still resides
within me

i am the Garden
i am the Gardener
which i seek

and all that is thine
is mine
for “I AM” of THEE

i am an unquantified incalculable expression
of the Divine

© 9 July 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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