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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

est tempus

est tempus

in the quiet of night
you came to my rest
a place of quiet solace
when silence
transmuted me to purpose

you whispered in my ear
est tempus
it is time
mea filius vos requiruntur
my son you are required
hic in nunc
here in the now

my consciousnes rose to greet
and feel the kiss of your words
syllable by syllable
upon my longings
for i knew of this coming
of your radiance,
the magnificence
of you heavenly confluence
with my soul

i was erect with temptation
for a certain congruence
of our union
had to be

i wanted to re-enter
your womb
where my spawning took place
a dawning of something
beyond the ultimate
as held in the eyes of men

a quixotic rhythmn took hold
laid seige
to my hopes
and waste them upon the abyss
where there is naught but death
and nothingness
for this time was definitively

my own tongue was loosed
and the delusion of my speech
that at one time i thought
to have made sense
was clarified
and made anew and straight

a new tongue became known
unto me
so i babble no more
for the world of illusion

the gutteral utterances ushered forth
appeared as an ectopic light
resonating with utopic wonder
revealing Thothian like angles
opening unworn pathways
that i may cross the Fourth safely

and i arose
displaying an actualized splendour
i always had known was mine

i watched at the gate of observation
as my vessel arose
to perfom the duty at hand
and transport my essence
to that portal
for the final fare had been exacted

and i knew
with a certainty that could never be challenged
by the empiracy
and that is simply as simply can get

est tempus

“i lay down my life that i may pick it up again, for i have the power to do so”

© 10 July 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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