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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

tapping on the window . . .

tapping on the window

the little child
stood at the window
peering in
leering at the still sleeping one
while tapping
on the window pane
reminding of our pain
in our sleeping consciousness
beckoning soul
to open it’s eyes

the Sun was out
it was time to play
the Gardens were filled
with smiling flowers
reaching for their Joy
embodied in the life
of this day
and in reverent gratitude
they imparted their fragrance
that they may enhance life
and all who would breath in
their attitude of Bliss

yes, there were Butterflies dancing
enhancing the visuals
of the wonder
this day
and we are sleeping
holding on to some dream
that seems somehow
to seduce our expectations
to lie in stillness
and will less
for that which is grande

the Bees were collecting the Honey
that we may taste of the sweetness
life affords
those who would come to it
and play in the garden
with ardent purpose
to partake of the ambrosiatic flavors
and taste the moment
wasted in the ether of illusionary dreams

all life is calling forth
from East to West
South to North
know that Life and Creation
is in need of your Presence
for you my Brother
my Sister
are the Present
wrapped in the Ribbons of Love
You are the Present unto thy self
awaken this day
come out and play
with the Child
who is tapping on your window

tapping on the window

© 25 May 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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