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Thursday, May 19, 2011

paint my dreams

paint my dreams

i took my dreams
and painted them
with the colors
of expectations
for i wanted to
meet them
greet them
seat them
at the table of my realities


i want to
eat with them
drink with them
discuss the day with them
and speak of
our love
and the certainty
of the absence
of the hurt in me
and the joys
of our coming days

a place
where our chase
of each other
has ceased
for we are in phase
as one
and in peace

and after we finish dining
we begin refining
our relationship
i want to put some music on
you know
that Cosmic type
and i want to dance with my Dreams
my Lover of me
i wish to swirl
and be whirled around
as i embrace the sound
of the moment

i wish to do a two step or three
or more
as i have removed the door
that once inhibited who i am
i want to dance the dance of joy
never to be contained

and we will glisten
as we listen
to the our bonded heart
that of every Girl and Boy
and the gifts
we were born with
impervious of the shift
we allowed to induce us
seduce us
by way of our trusts
we freely gave to the world

and as the “i” in me
heralds in this new thought
a perspective of life
i have long ago forgotten
i realize
with open eyes
that i am the artist
i am the creator
i am the progenitor
of what i think i am

and there is no God
but i am He who has made me
for it was His or Her
or whatever you prefer
it was the Sources Holy breath
that give’s me Life
and with a rife of attitude
and a heart of gratitude
i celebrate this day
in my way
that i created the palette
upon which i mix the colors
that i may paint the canvass of my existence
as i choose
so excuse me
for i refuse
to accuse
and people
to inhibit
my exhibit
of my Self Art
and how i elect
to paint my dreams

© 19 May 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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