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Sunday, May 15, 2011

the Art of Listening

the Art of Listening

every Soul has something to say
Soul speaks of
lessons learned
and those still yet being pondered
and developed
time and time again

within, is a great storehouse
that being purchased
with our Blood, Sweat, Tears and Laughter
and the walk we have walked
over the eons of time
and now

we all have a treasured collection
that we hold onto
in our museum of artifacts
as we judge
and surmise
who we are
where we are
why we are
when we are
what we
through our ill shaded
ill fated glasses
we call perspective

like the artist
who listens to the muses
we all paint our masterpieces
of confusion
from the sketches
that dangle in our minds
as we feebly listen
to life instruction
as we draw conclusions
on who we truly are
and measure this
against who we truly wish to be

many times we don’t get it quite right
do we ?
for we are not listening
we seem to have lost our mastery
over the Art of the process
of Self-Creation
and listening . . .

we are moved to listen to such shallow things
like infatuation
and the illusory songs
of an illusory beauty
in our illusory minds
in an illusory dimension
of thought
we bought
that belongs to someone else
never quite finding our own authenticity

and as we embrace this felicity
of our surreal state being
as we convexingly vie for the freeing
from the bonds
of our own “Self” enslavement
while walking these same pavements
upon the Avenues of Deception
with exception
as we tell ourselves “I am OK”
and still we do not listen

listen to that still small child
he or she who dwells in the closet
soaking in solace
with his hand on the Door Knob
waiting for the door to be unlocked
and be freed
that it may again dance in the light
and perhaps be held again
by their best friend
you !

listen to it’s voice
yes, it is your choice
as to whether
you are paying attention
or not
or to what
i ask
that you remove the mask
and listen

listen as the trials of life
come to you
they too serve the greater good
urging you back to where you should be
to what you were inflected to be
erected to be
i suspect

listen to the calling of your muses
as they refuse to give up on you
for they too
believe in you
as you should do
i do

listen to the Ancestors
who have paved a way
just for this day
through their errant truancies
with their nuancies
and urgent prayers
for a better life
of understanding
as they demanded
of God,
the Universe
to disperse
from the convolution of secrets
and reveal the rife
of our continual joys

listen to your eminent future
calling you
calling me
that we open our hearts
and impart to the greater
the greater
as we become one

let go of the tethers of mind
that we may find
truth in our path
that we are already on
it is right here

listen to the footsteps
you have already implanted
in the garden of experience
listen as the seeds of your actions
shed it’s hull
that has encapsulated your greater self
listen as it vies through it’s soiled darkness
anxiously vying for the Sunshine
that it may stretch forth it’s arms
for that Holy Kiss
and be nurtured
and Bud and Blossom and Grow
Strong and Healthy and Fruitful
that it too may yield unto you
and the world
a Fruit of Divine Sweetness
listen please

listen to your dreams
found in the eyes of all children
as they yearn but to enjoy
be fed
and play
without thought of the morrow
or the day
listen to their impulsive trust
in life
we too must trust
it is natural

listen to the Mother,
that of Nature
as she consistently offers to each of us
her total embodiment of Life
as she feeds us from Her Bosom
all the goodness required
for her Children to realize
the prize
all Souls seek

Mother has no agenda
but to have us be strong
and wise
and that we too will embrace
all of her children
including that of “self”
and that child you have long ago
abandoned behind that door
that closet of quiet darkness
where it’s thoughts have become foreign
for it’s thoughts
were no longer so convenient
stop and listen

listen to the Heavens about you
the Heavens within you
as they speak of your connectedness
and the deluded attitude of your dejectedness
and created rejectedness
and let go of the mess
we have created
in our elated unaskewedness
of what we call progress
for Heaven still does love you
and embraces you
in spite of all we have done
and all we do

listen to the drum
it still beats for you
follow the cadence of all life
march to the tune
and let us
the Divine Children of Source
impugn our sense of what we cling to
and if Newness of attitude is required
then that is what we do
and whatever we do
in our aspirations
of inspirations
let us re-gather our lost art form
and reconnect with each other
our Sisters and our Brothers
and resurrect this day
our light
our Glistening upon the Fabric of time
and let us be as the Night Sky
that reflects but that which is Holy
within the Zero Point
of all that has been Spawned
in the annals of Time
and this Life Rhyme
i give unto you
. . .the Art of Listening

listen to that Holy Breath of Life
. . . and LIVE !

© 15 May 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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