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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

i knocked . . .

i knocked

i was feeling some kind of way
just like the other day
out of sorts
like a man in shorts
at the North Pole
and it was cold

my soul was beckoning me
for a reckoning in me
and i could not see the light
for the forest was dense
and i could make no sense of it

so i went to that door
that i had locked
long ago
and i knocked
and the still small voice
welcomed me in

it has been so many years
some laughter
some tears
since i approached these fears
of mine
embodied by my inner child
whom i have put away
in that closet

and now here i am
once again
with yet another humble request
from the best of me
that has tested me
in his silence

i have defied
i have lied
and in my bottled anguish
i have cried
so many times

and regardless
of all the rhymes i can muster
pen or speak
there is a liquid beauty
that leaks from my soul
that does not cajole me
nor console me
or enfold me
in it’s grace

and as i stood face to face
with my better self
i was humbled
as i fumbled
for an apology
for my abject neglect

and somewhere in the recesses
i did detect
a warmth of forgiveness
in spite of my mess

and thus
 i found rest
simply because i knocked
on the door
i had once locked

i knocked

© 24 May 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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