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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

can you hear me ?

can you hear me ?

there were people congregated
in the vestibule
conversing about things
of no particular consequence

and the light softly filtered in
through the blinds
yet there was an opaqueness
that prevailed in the air
as the noise of voice
for no one heard
what was being spoken

there was and can be no symphony
when all the instruments are playing
from an un-scored blankness
in thanklessness
with no empathy
to belong

for the song of life
travels the road of the solitary
embracing it’s self for company
voicing questions
knowing that the answers
and the dancers
are but delusions
of it’s own spawning

and with the dawning
of each new day
one awakens again
but to play another soliloquy
for one’s own eclectic enjoyment
with but a suspect of reality

and they pretend to hear a drum
that they say sums up their reason
and the dialogue flows on
betwixt self and that other guy
called me
for no one hears but no one

and as i sit
amidst the subterfuge
of what belies about me
and within me
i seek to sort
meaning from it all
as i feel the jadedness
of the square syllables
ambling through the air
looking for an ear
to call home
but all the doors are busy
listening to their own squeaking hinges
crying to be oiled
by a reason of their own making
that simply asks
in it’s universal bequestering
still sequestering and answer
to this simple request

can you hear me ?

© 24 May 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.