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Saturday, June 23, 2012

won’t you climb with me

won’t you climb with me

i exuberantly embrace
the toils of my day
as i make yet another arduous climb
of this mountain
which stands before me

i but hope to ascend
and sit upon it’s peak once again
hoping to grasp a peek
at a passing muse or two

bring to me a verse
bring to me a word
that entices the clouds
to undress their wonder
and stand before my throne naked
that i may see clearly
the once held mysteries
heaven has veiled from me
and my empirical nature

the wind ushers forth my Terpsichore
whose perfectly syncopated choreography
speaks to my soul
in a tango like shuffle
awakening a divine reason
that only when i in-spire
can be translated to paper

my pen is my rapier
and it cleaves me
from my “Self”
and the reasonable values i held
but a moment ago

they becomes as dust
a countless thing
that will cloud one’s earthly eyes
with anguish
and confusion
and a lost melancholy
that teases our need
to become an unsatiated prevalence

look from thy inner eye brother
and the sound will manifest
in to a syllabic courtship
with your soul
speaking in alchemic tones
as you vibrate
and resonate
a strange bereft music
that can only be expectorated
from your prodigious being,
your unquantifiable regality
a sovereignty
that is foreign
to our way

but this can only be experienced
upon the mountain
come my friend . . .

won’t you climb with me

© 23 June 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

Dedicated to Myiya Imani Rai

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