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Sunday, June 10, 2012

what i am

what i am

i am still being discovered
as the skirts of possibilities
are being lifted
and my position
is shifted
that i may have
a peek

i speak
with many tongues
all are true and direct
none are forked
that you may detect
who i am

i am a collection
of vibrations
whose congruous essence
has been gathered
and slowed down
that you may see me
and enjoy my presence
as i do yours

First Father
and evoked a magic
He said
“Let there be”
and i was
as dust in the wind

i settled
the word of creation
formed a resonant vibration
and it fell down
to the ground
to form this mound
you call earth

I am the Great Mother
and She is e
and you

the Hands of Father
picked me up
and spat upon me
and molded me
to become a shaped
with a definitive
and enmity
you can hold on to
so hold me

i have Cosmic Consciousness
enfolded in me
in my DNA you see
that enbolds me
to know
that life is as i deem it to be
so i flow with ity
go with it
i am it
you are it
for i
speak it
every day
every way
when i say

so say something good
would you

could you
can you
the womnder
of perfection

it is our election
our choice
our free will
our voice
the fountains of actualization
that alters the vibration

it moves the mountains
or makes them
out of mole hills
laced with our ills
as we turned our powers on
and direct them
towards one another
instead of with
one another
our Brothers
and our Sisters
it is but the wrong preposition

and if we were even
to consider
the pre-position
of our supposition,
the if in
“to be” in
the you and i
in we in
we could alter
the condition
of our self made
we so often bitch about
no doubt
what do you think

do we even think enough
or too much

these are but extremes
of our actualized dreams
which seems
to be out of control . . .
but is it ?

we act as if
we are here
just for a visit

so we take no responsibility
for the frailty
and the lack of
our civility
within us
within humanity
as we seek to quantify
our own vanity
claiming a sense of sanity


so now the inane
rules the day
it’s insane
isn’t it
what do you say
shit ?
what next

wait a minute . . .
i’ll get back up in it
but let me
answer this text message first

it’s from God
He’s telling me
what i am . . .

© 17 May 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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