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Sunday, June 10, 2012

a certain destruction to come

a certain destruction to come

i have thrown my hands in the air a million times
expressing my frustration
pertaining the destructive propensities
of man

the war wages on

the once felt pains
the anguish i once bore
is not a numbed experience
i live just to feel
that occasional tingle
evidencing hope

i know, the logic is twisted

long lost brothers
whose Fathers were brothers as well
vying for their blood
to be spilled
that they may mix and dance
in the soils of anguish
of all the Mother’s tears
leaving a legacy
a lore
that the Children to come
yearn to exceed
more death
more destruction

i never did understand war
nor indifference
but through the years
i have used them as tools as well
i could blame it on
the conditioning
and my non seditious embrace of it
though i never quite acquiesced
the taste of it

there are countless Holocausts
and countless 911’s
that man has endured throughout the ages
that snuck in and out of the pages of history
with alias’ and pseudonyms

mindless megalomaniacal murderers
we call “Heads of State”
and other such lofty titles
think nothing of the common people
their homes
their families
their culture
their villages
nor their souls
maybe Clinton had the right idea . . .

i walk down the pathway of crumbled brinks
which used to be the street where i lived
where children once played
laughing and smiling
and offering to the universe
their glee
those precious moments
still live in me
for i was one of them

perhaps it is all in the growing up
it does come to fast
and then we are dead
just when we think we have a hold on it

i somehow sense there is a greater time to come
when we actually will
as an insensitive humanity
in our destructive proclivity

for our civility
is now held at ransom
by an economy and laws
that support our ultimate demise

don’t be surprised
when it was time for us to vote
we were either sleeping
or inebriated by our desires
for keeping up
with some proverbial Jones Family
and now, even the Jones are out on the street
begging for understanding
solace and peace
a job and a meal
even a Happy Meal will do
but even Ronald has been pimped out
turned out
just like us

funny the illness we have allowed
to feed our children
is so mildly accepted
and we smile
in the face of the looming death
that encircles the globe
and our hearts
and our hopes

in truth i think that we do know
that death is a necessary journey
we must take
before resurrection
and in our own way
we welcome . . .

a certain destruction to come

© 10 June 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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