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Thursday, June 7, 2012

the mindful mental meanderings of a madman and his myopic muse

the mindful mental meanderings of a madman and his myopic muse

nefarious shadows dancing
omniscient possibilities prancing
a reckoning
for the enhancing
when we come to in-brace
the embrace
of our in-finiteness
quite a nice mess
isn’t it

the Oil mixes not
with the Vinegar
but it’s good on a Salad
is this a valid solution
it is edible
digestible perhaps ?

i see the light
but my feet are stuck
i am immobilized
upon the path
betwixt convictions
which i was fed
and the voices of the “Dead”
who speak through the fears
the tears
the years of illusion
that time is real
can you feel it too ?

is there any place to truly go
or are we already there
right where
we are supposed to be
can you see something
like that ?

an understanding
calls for an awakening of sorts
and our contorted reasoning
challenges truth
only to have to address
this same journey
and again

countless times
i have lived through
this scene
and i have yet to see
what is to be seen
that brings the high meaning
that liberates all souls
from the bondage
of the ages

i espouse from some place within
some times my heart
some times mind
and the evocations
touches me and the great Soul
in a symbiosis
that is unimpeachable

and the awareness alone
is a gift of self reflection
devoid of the slippery aspects
this reality often presents
as an absoluteness

why don’t we sit for a moment
that’s all it takes
let us as Co-creators
conjure us an epiphany
so we can stop
this detestable
self effacing masturbatory
that brings unrest
to our sleeping psyches
let us do one thing with purpose

these are but
the mindful mental meanderings of a madman and his myopic muse

© 5 June 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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