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Monday, October 15, 2012

bruised love

bruised love

Problems of the heart always bruise the Soul . . . Paul Coelho
from the Novel Brida

my bruised soul
the meanderings
of my crippled heart
watching on
with a timeless wisdom
knowing that time
offers unto me
the fruit of wholeness
i always sought

there were affairs
some sordidly elicit
some felicitous
and i danced uninhibitedly
in the chambers
of the sweetly spoken euphoria
that enticed me to believe
in forever
once again

there was “love at first sight”
and i too was smitten
by the poisons
of my heady delusions
and my own allowances
my garden’s fallowness
that which now
graces my face
with the taste
of innocent memories

the furrows were planted shallow
with an impotent seed

and i smile

many a fair maiden
whose eyes have twinkled
like stars
caught the eye
of my wonder

they gave cause
for me to listen
to the song of my heart
whose melodious offerings
ushered forth a syncopated beating
of my internal drum

and i glistened
as i walked my newly found
path of passion
in an anticipation of bliss

yes, with but one desire
that of each love initiate
. . . that first kiss

oh how many times
have i been baptized
by the mesmerizing eyes
of love

given the way again
to stray again
lay again
i would relinquish again
all that i am
believe or think
that i am
or could ever possibly be
for love

i would traipse through
this world of shadows
a million times a million
or more
just to have a glimpse
of her light
in the inner chambers
of my heart

and my soul knows
of my folly

and it along with God
smiles as well,
for in the end
it is only the stories
the lore of love
that is worth a telling

and as i dispel to you
this intoxicating exacting protractive expression
there is but one simple confession
i must reverently offer unto you,
the world,
and that is . . .

my soul is not bruised
because of love
for love heals me . . .
with her soothing balms
that calms the beast in me
and empowers the least of me

nay my soul is not bruised by love
my soul is bruised
only in her absence

© 15 October 2012 : william s. peters, sr.

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