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Saturday, August 11, 2012

for our own benefit

for our own benefit

and little blue men
are busying themselves
taking the arc
out of the rainbows
of the common man

they call their work purposeful

we sit in pools of distraction
bathing in the tearful disdain
of our sorrows
of yesterdays
the ‘morrow
plucking the petals
of our conscious  awareness
from the Lotus
of our Souls

our flowering blossoms
are losing their fragrance
to be
re-born dead

why is the honey
no longer sweet

who has switched the labels
with the lemons ?

so we lay our heads
once again
on tear stained pillows
hoping to catch a glimpse
of a passing dream
we once deemed worthy

we are hoping they may shine
a little light of respite
our way

if that does not work
we will pretend
that we are OK . .
at least . . .while
they are watching


yes, we find reflective comforts
in other peoples delusions
that we may feel good
about ourselves
that self reconciliation
will have mercy

but are we not
plucking the petals
of our greater self
with masochistic determinations

we all to some degree
celebrate that holy acronym
given as an escape route
from our truths

i think it is . .

for us 1./2 free sheep
who stick 2 legs
through the holes
in the fence
that we may feel
the cool breeze
we think to be freedom

there is no locked gate
that holds us
nor has it ever been

we have chose
to cosign
to our own spiritual enslavement
thinking lazily
it is the easier way . . .
the path of least resistance
or effort

and while sliding down
that slippery slope of damnation
we were somewhat OK
with the skin burn
and peeling layers
of our once unaligned

and we acquiesced
to follow rainbows
knowing that the pots of gold
were emptied
by those same blue-bloods
and little blue men
who keep telling us
all is well
and they do this
for our own benefit

© 1 August 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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