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Thursday, March 28, 2013



funny how we have taken so many for granted
it is so ironic how some are so precious
to us

where is the balance
the equity
of our equanimity

where is the parity
in our conscious frailty
that of our perhaps civility
our humanity
in this inanity
where the insanity
becomes our reality

i have breathed here
this air
for over 22,000 days
some 31 million
680 thousand minutes
and still
i know not the value
of a single breath

just one more
is what we call for
as we endure this journey
through the in-climate weather
where we are tethered
so tightly to
the fear of death
which is always
but a breath away

some would say
Live for another day
but what is guaranteed to you

if we only knew
perhaps we would get on with life
in a different way
with out all the indifference
we play at
like our life depends upon it
so hard

want to know what a minute is worth
or a second
ask the family
of someone
who just lost a beloved
in a car accident
what another minute
might have meant

a minute earlier
through that intersection
a minute later
a minute more
to say that i love you
but one more time
before they had to go

cherish them
they could be the last one you have
or share
care for them
lose your fear of living
and live every minute you can

we wait in lines
hoping our minute will fly pass
and our turn will come

what line are you waiting in today
which way will you spend your minutes

will you think about those
you lost

can you remember those
you have spent a few precious minutes with
at some time so long ago
embrace that moment

are they still special to you
like the second, the minute
when you first looked upon your child’s face
do you remember that special space
when your joy overcame you

that minute still lasts
if you allow it to
hold on to it


i recall many minutes in my life
and i struggle to recall more
to this altar of my consciousness
that i may praise them
show my gratitude to them
for gracing me with their time

there are so many
and each brings a smile
as a gift
along with it’s arrival

not sure if i am finished with this or not . . .
Give me a few more minutes . . .

© 20 March 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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