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Thursday, March 28, 2013

i remember Mommy

i remember Mommy

Apron tied around her waste
Wooden Rolling Pin
and Pillsbury Flour
all over the counter top
Making Pie Shells
to hold our weekly deserts
for Sunday Dinners
I always enjoyed the Apple ones

they were sweet

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Hot Dogs
and Chocolate Milk
quick meals
that quieted the activities
of us hyperactive needy ones
such as my self

Bed Time Prayers
“Now i lay me down to sleep”
Bedtime Stories
with a loving tuck of the Covers
and a brief kiss
and a flick of the light switch
and i was off
to the land of Dreams
a place Mommy entrusted and knew
i would be safe in

Saturday Chores . . .
pick up your Toys
pick up your shoes
pick up your clothes
take out the Trash

“don’t go too far”
“be home by . . . . . “
“Sit up”
“be careful”
“eat your dinner”
“be still”
“be quiet”

i still hear the instructions
“be careful”
still a mindful consideration to consider

Sunday Mornings
getting dressed for Sunday School
after our shirts were ironed
i can still smell the heat and the cotton
as the wrinkles were pressed smooth

Brushing the Boys hair
Plaiting the Girls
a little Vaseline
on our faces

do i still shine Mommy ?

Mommy always tied the Boys Ties
choking our comfort away
because we had to be presentable
with our Suits and White Shirts

My Sisters with Dresses
and Pretty Bow Tied Ribbons
in their Hair
No lipstick or gloss
no polish to adorn their nails
for they were already beautiful
that was Mommy’s message

Dinner on Sunday
did not come until we changed
out of our Church Clothes
so that we could go outside and play
while waiting
the abating
of our growing hunger

but in the mean time
we were busy
doing things
some things perhaps
we did not want Mommy to know

as the years moved on
and we looked around
and our sunshine
our youth
was gone
along with Mommy
because she became Mom
i still hold on
to those iconic moments

and now that Mommy, Mom
has moved on as well
it is the memories
those snapshots
faded and aged
that are my treasures
and measures
the depths of my smiles

for i remember Mommy

© 13 March 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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