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Sunday, November 11, 2012

i haven’t the ear to listen

i haven’t the ear to listen

yes, lust i have known
a passion so intensified
that it defied
the things i was taught
as it, my lust vied
for expression

all my chakras were alive
wanting to embrace
the object
of my consuming affections
to become one with it
have fun with it
and you are condemned
by the world of it
for those who have not it
or denied it
envy your need
to be freed
from the confinements
of rules

these are the tools
they us
to keep us unempowered
condemnation and sin
beat into our heads
and thus our spirits
over and over again
until we begin
to believe
that we are the
dastardly bastards of creation
instead of the beautiful expressions
of Source

can man alter the course of God
i think not
but they try anyway
every day
by trying to tell me
what God has to say

why does God speak to them
and not me
it’s no secret . .
is it ? . . .
or is it

Source not only visits me
Source is with me
in all that i am
and when i am
I AM !

and that’s all there is to it
so shit
i shall express my lust
to be of love
of all things
and i shall not let nothing
restrain me
nor forever train me
that i m not love and loved

tell me no more lies
i haven’t the ear to listen

© 11 November 2012 : william s. peters, sr.

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