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Friday, May 18, 2012

Venice at the Beach

Venice at the Beach

Venice at the Beach
a world apart
within a world
of heart

the eclectic expression
where all can see

hear the color speak
taste the music
of our collective humanity

rolling, strolling
cajoling spirits
to speak clearly through
the dichotomous illusions
of conformity

yes, there are standards
i think
but i am under the Palm Tree
drinking in Shade’s coolness
from my fool-less

passive skies of blue
painted as a blank
life canvass
back dropped to the
Pacific horizon
begging for an identrity
only found in self expression

no confessions required
no tolls to pass through
the gate
for it only exists
where you deem it so

so . . . .
perhaps this is
the new garden
filled with new Soul soils
here for our pleasure
to discover one’s own archetypical
architectural abilities
to conjure new meanings
to old things
in a meaningless void
that is being bleached
by the Sun
from opaque

and now we become translucent
and all . . .  all good things are seen
for the shadows
which once appeared
as definitions
and shapes of containment
have now fled

the light of me
has bled me
and sped me
propelled me
to this quickening
and the re-growth
of my etheric wings
that i may fly
through the dimensional veil
to now embrace God
as i embrace you,
the oneness of the collective
of energy
which dispels
all previous allusion
of the contusive truths
we lovingly

and i tasted the Cotton Candy
on the promenade
of Venice at the Beach
so eat me

© 15 May 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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