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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Utopic Dreams
a Memorial Day Salute

when it comes to Memorial Day
you may say
that i am not appreciative
and i am not
and i have not forgot
those who have sacrificed
their lives
that we may
hold on
to the standards of out living

i am one
who can never condone a war
of any type
when it comes
to the taking of life

you see
they are my Brothers
my Sisters
who died
on both sides

Mothers lamenting
the loss of their sons
the lands of the people
because of greed
take heed my friend
for we need to amend
our ways
our thoughts

and i know
there is always that one
that shining Asshole
who convinces the people
of their sovergnty
that this is a thing
we must do
i beg to differ

The Hitlers must be stopped
as well as the Noriegas
the Idi, the Amins
the Bushes
who go unseen
because we are blinded
by a term
we have come to endear
called “Patriotism”

and what about all those would be Khans
who wave that magic wand
through the news
to alter the views
persuading the people
to forget their humanity
yes . . . dammit
that we would listen
don’t we know better by now ?

and you Sacred Text
is full of such accounts
of people
who kill in the name of . . .
defaming my spirituality
and i can only SMDH

and what about those
who toes
never touch the field of battle
they but dictate
how you should lose your life
and why
and i ask “Why”
as my soul cries these tears
with no resolution

and get a 3 legged pony
for that crippled spirit
Joseph Kony
tie him to it
and shit
along with his dark cross
of despair
for all the souls
who are deprived
the air of life

they do this
because they have an agenda
that is not to your best interest
did you hear what i said

but you have been elected
to die for them

and History continually recycles it’s self
changing Uniforms and Names
and geographics
that we not clearly see
we do not have to die for them
for you
for me
we can choose to live
if we but stop the hate
and learn to love
self and others
for in the end scheme
just like Martin’s dream
we are all
Sisters and Brothers

and the Lenins
who be beginning
these surges
of frivolous mouth frothing madness
of people against people
perhaps i shall pray for them
perhaps not
but right now
all i can do is “Imagine”
isn’t that what Lennon said
but he is dead now
or is he ?

the Caesars
the pleasers
the Republicans
persuading the Publicans
from Christ to Rome
from Doctrine
to Dome
the Rote
the Rites
that usher forth Night
steal our Children’s Suns
and if you blink your eye
another War has begun

so memorial day is here
and i pray i remember
the value of life
the smile of a Son
and it’s meaning to his Mother
that shall never see it again

may these words be my memorial
and thus become a reality
where our frailties
our propensity
to kill each other
my Sister my Brother
show up no more

Memorial Day . . . Remembering Eden

Utopic Dreams

Dedicated for my Children’s unknowing smiles

© 27 May 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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I would like to compile a list of warmongers prominent politicians, journalists, authors, artists, leaders, businessmen, academics, groups, etc. especially those who fan a flame between East and West, hoping to lead more wars and destruction. I would appreciate your help. Here are some names for starters:

Robert Spencer
Osama Bin Laden,
Ali Sina,
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,
Bill Warner,
Mulla Omar,
Bill Graham,
David Horowitz,
Daniel Pipes,
Rush Limbaugh,
Michael Savage,
Glenn Beck,
Joseph Alois Ratzinger,
Dick Cheney,
Donald Rumsfeld,
The Bushes,
Left-Behind Crusaders,
Troops of Monkeys,
The Military Industrial Complex

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