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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

that is

that is

peace has surrounded me
much too long
i the warrior of love
have donned my armour
long ago
it’s weight
now wears my soul
drowning me
in the sorrows
of unanswered anticipation

my sword stands ready
to plunge to the depths
of your psychic begging
and release you
from the world of want
laying to waste
your anguish
for the final time

words could not soothe those desires
and all other gestures offered
were futile

the ways of peace time
i know not
for i am a warrior

i now drink from the cup of my angst
and my mouth is wet
as i envision
our coming engagement
where our hearts entangle
in the struggle of life’s reckoning
as we in union
give up the ghost

wed me my love
let our consummation
be eternal
and confirmed thus
let us resurrect
the hopes of the saints
that they made parade
down the streets of gold
in orgasmic celebration

the climactic throne awaits our presence

the Angels have scribed new song
penned with the blood and tears
of the children
who have yearned for freedom
from the vexations of man

our tears of absolution
shall join them
in the flow
and all sins remembered
shall be purged
from the soul of existence
we shall start anew

the Prophets
whose offered words
spoke of this day
will be liberated from task
shall become the light
they always were
and now we shall see
through that glass darkly

all eyes will be open
and then blinded
by the stellar brightness
as we transmute
all thought
with ecstatic clarity

let the battle begin again
i with me
me with love
for i come
to slay
that which inhibits
our recognition
that we are

that is that

© 1 May 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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