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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

how deeply

how deeply

i remember how he touched me
tantalizing every nerve in my body
to awaken
and take the journey
with his intentions

his finger tips teasingly danced into my consciousness
arousing me to rise
as i surmised
and thought of places
e’en my dreams have not explored before
yes, he was my master

he spoke to me
but i never heard the words
but i felt every syllable
and soft hushed whisper of his voice
evoke a longing
that i knew
i was going to fulfill this day

yes, he was going to have his way with me
and i smiled
at the thought
of where it would take me

like a little school girl
my body began to betray me
in the frolicking of expectations

God . . .i want this

i looked upon his face
and the serenity of his countenance
was assuring
as he was exploring
my nether regions
as i let go my allegiance
to this world

an uncertain obeisance
was being heralded in
for i would gladly acquiesce all that i am
to his every command
he was anointing me
at the alter of my womanhood

my breath was quickening
trying to keep pace with God i thought
for somehow
he bought my urgency
my fervency
to a peak
to that mountain top
where only God’s blissful state exists
and i greeted him
and he kissed me
and spoke to me
how much he missed me
and so he gave to me
this gift
of this man
that i make this shift
and understand
how deeply
i am loved

how deeply he touched me
can not be grasped with mere words
for my hasp been let
yet i ask . . . still

how deeply

© 24 March 2012 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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