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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

and awaken the Lion

and awaken the Lion

for many years
through many tears
the Lion has dreamed of a better place
dreamed of a peace
that never was quite realized
when his eyes were forced open

his hopes
his prayers
were engaged
in a communion with a God
they had forced upon him
allowed him to hold to

and he too believed
that he too
could achieve
that Love supreme
where dreams of Eden
required no pleading

something within him
was enraged to some degree
he asked . . .
“why does your God allow
this misery and pain
to visit upon me?”

with no particular answer
we the Pride
gather our pride
and did the best we could
with Family
and that was alright for a while

all he wanted
was to live
educate his children
while he continued
to feed them
the Dream
the American Dream
just like you do

i can be President someday
“Tru Dat”
so we speak a bit different . . . sometimes
and the lines of my verse
demonstrates my voice
as does yours do for you
but i too
have something to say
that i feel must be heard
this day
yes dammit NOW !!!

you see,
this day,
this poem,
this “who i am”
is the result
of all things
i had to face
those things you , America
made me taste
and subsequently eat
but i could never digest the meal

the Hangings
the Ganbangings
the Drugs
the Political Deals
for real
did you think
that would keep me satisfied
and quiet ?

another Riot
looms in the horizon
and you are not surprised
you surmised it would come to this

so in my solace
amongst my family
i regurgitated that shit you fed me
about equality
for is seems to me
it is “just us”
that do not enjoy
the parity
and economic literacy
but you . . .
you can read well i see

and to my disparity
you prod me every once in a while
to see if i am sleeping

and though in my soul
and my heart
i am weeping
for you
for me
again to that God of ours
that one day we may see
that we truly are a family
of variegated beings
and shapes
and other perhaps beautiful

but know this
i am not stupid

and like cupid
i had hoped
that the arrows of our love
and tolerance
would penetrate your heart
and you would be affected as well
by the empathy
not sympathy
of my forgiveness

but i CAN NOT FORGET !!!
No I CAN NOT !!!!
and WILL NOT !!!!
what you did to me
and still continue to do

and like the Days of Rome
you send you sick indoctrinated
hate filled gladiators
into our arenas of existence
our peace
our communities
our families
our lives
to spill our blood
and Spiritually

and you have
far too often
thinking we are soft and
perpetrated these crimes

but we are Lions
mightier than we even are aware of

and if this is the Jungle
we must endure
then endure we will
for we will reestablish our rule
over self
over life
over family
over community
over hate

we will give back to our self
our clarity
you subverted
or should i say
we allowed
when we were clouded
by our wants of things
you dangled like carrots
in our eyes
like we were horses
with blinders on

those damn days are gone !

and you shall soon come to know
why “The Caged Bird Sings”
because there is a better day awaiting me
and us all
and if you did not know it yet
love is the call
we must answer too
perhaps you need to wake up

so i ask you
or should i thank you
for that little poke
in my side
for i am cognizant

and there will be no place to hide
the angst and hate
you have shared with us

it is the fruit
of that which you have sown
in this garden we call life

you should have studied
and you would have known this
“ya reap what you sow”
a Universal Law . . .you know

and we are not fearin’ ya
we just squarin’ ya up
in our sights
for soon come
the High Noon Sun
and there won’t be no Gunfight at the OK Corral
my pal

the revolution is the solution
and it will not be televised
listen to dem dere prophetic words
i do hope you heard me
this time
cause you did not hear my Brother Gil
spill that truth

for the Lion is Awakened
and he now hunts the forsaken
any damn time or place he pleases.
or chooses
so don’t get it twisted

we only have love for the Lambs
for the meek shall inherit
your balls
if you don’t heed the call
and keep doin what you do
in the dark of your life

just be mindful
and careful
for retribution comes
to reestablish the balance
for Karmic Law marches forth
regardless of your desires
or intent
and though you never meant to
i plead to you
do not
awaken the Lion

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