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Sunday, May 19, 2013

to be so

to be so

i stand here
i am the infinite expressing it’s self
that mortal man
may understand

the horizon of all men’s dreams
lay as waste
at my feet
and they tickle my toes
and imaginations are borne
in variegated dimensions
with variegated colors
and variegated tones

i am the stillness
i am the silence
i am Soul
that marches ever forward
in the illusion
that movement exists
in this void

i am chaos
and i am order
i am as duplicitous
as i choose
or i am singular
in my expressions

dreams are but the conjurings
of an untethered mind
and that is the gift
of all gifts
that you may be entertained
with your own awareness

infinity is but a word
that speaks to
a field of wonder
that has no end

grow flowers if you must
or grow weeds
if you please
for you please your self
as you elect to
in your praelective ways

we, the “i”
are the prefects
of the perfect
if that is the way you
select to see it

the world is but
a cooperative experience
you have chosen
to share
in your group therapy session
where you are learning
the values of confession
of your truth
to your self expression

embrace what you will
for it is yours to will
or to Babel

Towers are awaiting to be built
will you find the Rock
for the foundation
that your efforts
not be in vain ?

and i ask
what was it
or who was it
that Cain slew
if you truly knew
you would say
it was not Abel who was slain
but the promise
of what could have been
had we taken
the other road
and drank from the other cup
and held to
the thought
we were all too willing
to let go
for the lore
that never was
for it never was
save in thy own
quixotic theaters
where wonder and reality
as possibilities
of what may be
if we but just deem it
to be so

© 17 May 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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