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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

is it Murder ?

is it Murder ?

is it murder when some
Genetic Food Magnate
feeds us the foods
that they are aware of
that will lead to our eventual demise ?

is it murder when the
ignores the diseased elements
with which they cultivate their bank accounts
for the sake of expedience
that leads to the disease
that makes us to lie to rest
because our bodies
could not best the test
of the poisons
fed us ?

is it murder
when we declare war
one fitted with political agendas
where we drop bombs
and shoot
and take the lives of innocents
who never had anything
to say about it
and are not “The Enemy” ?

who pulls the triggers here

it is not you and i
for we like all others
of the common people
only vie to live
a fulfilled life
without the rife of strife
the “Chosen” few
choose to afflict us with ?

who pulled that trigger in 9 1 1

who pulled those triggers
in the Middle East ?
was it Oil,
or strategic Military positioning ?

is it murder
when the greed
of the oil companies
pollute our environment
causing cancers and death
for you
for i
for our families ?

is it murder
when our “Peace Officers”
profile known demographics
and beat the “Living” shit
out of you, me,
or anyone ?

is it murder when they experiment
in the Laboratories
creating new disease
to appease the curiosities
found and grounded in
“What If” ?

who pulls the triggers ?

Is it murder
for me to manufacture
Guns and Bombs
knowing the Sole purpose is that of . . .
Life Taking ?

is it murder
when we allow Industrial Waste to be dumped
in our environment,
our streams,
our air
poisoning all our the Earth’s
natural resources ?

is it murder when so many are hungry
in a world that is so abundant.
it is not an issue of lack,
but an issue of politics

is it murder . . .  hell yeah it is !

what is murder ?
Murder is the deliberate
taking of a life . . .
and they are deliberate . . . aren’t they ?

you may ask . . .
what am i “HARP”-ing on and for

perhaps it is time for us to murder
that apathetic disconnected consciousness
we so love
and speak up
about the murders of our Souls
our lives . . .
our futures . . .
and that of our Children
whether they be
deliberate or not.

a Homeless Family died last night
from exposure to the elements.
did the Banks we the people bailed out
give a damn ?

is it Murder ?

© 6 January 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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