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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Just this day

just this day

where does our Soul go
when it wants to shine
as we electively repress our joy
oppressing our divinity

how can our heart sing
the songs of life
if we do not
open our arms
to embrace it

we “Archie Bunker” our way
down the path
seldom noticing the little flowers
that bloom
just for us

that which we seek
we shall find
but what is it we search for ?

Gifts come wrapped
and fruits are skin clad
and we hold to the fad
of doom
but this too shall pass
as it did in the past,
just look back
and taste your own

i traipsed down that road before
and i now am revisiting
with a quisitive spirit
for in my regression
i have come to know . . .
expect nothing
but what i choose to

i have forgiven my self
for all the times
i held my self back
from my wonder
and assaulted others
with such looming doom

i go to that room
that has no walls
and the call for the greater
is all about me

i need not open my eyes
to see this
that bliss is of our own making

i shall sing this day
i shall sing through the night
i shall sing of my thankfulness
for the lessons of my blight
for my plight
is to overcome
my miscreant self
that which restrains my wealth
my health’
and my power

my love knows no end
but “me” do
but “i” do not
for that “i” in me
that “I” in me
is greater than that of the world

and this new awakening
this new consciousness
that i now allow
to be heralded in
knows nothing of the sin
that once condemned me
for forgiveness is the key
that sets me free
and i no longer have to get to my knees
to plea
for that which i always vied for
it was always inside
of me
and you

so, as i sit in this space
facing my demons
we all have a laugh at it
and my Soul again
dons it’s wings
which were tucked away
out of my empirical sight
waiting for . . .
just this day

let’s go a flyin’

© 12 December 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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