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Sunday, June 16, 2013

a Father’s Love

a Father’s Love

a Fathers Love
may not be as demonstrative
as that of a Lover
no it may be in the silence perceived
from those who reside without

a Father’s Love
is expressed with each beat of his Heart
each Breath
for the Seed of His Seed

a Father’s Love
is not always found in the deeds
nor in the words
nor in the smile
but in the hopes
and the dreams
that are never spoken

a Father’s Love
is the quiet repose
that keep pushing him forward
to survive
one more day
which makes a way
a path
through life’s wilderness
and all the other mess
we find about us

a Father’s Love
is always challenged
by those who do not understand
the weight a man
carries upon his shoulders
some carry stones
others boulders

a Father’s Love
meets the Sun each day
with his plans
his demands
and he stands ready
to capture opportunities
for those whom he loves
his Children, his Family

a Father’s Love
sometimes steps aside
that you the child
may find your way
your way

a Father’s love is understanding
for your Father too
has walked this path

a Father’s Love
is found through Faith
the evidence of that
which is not seen,
and if you do not see it
you can not learn to be
until you believe
in a Father’s Love
for it has always been
in the breast of all men

a Father’s Love
Love Him, thy Father
while you still have the opportunity . . .
for all things shall come to pass.

Honor thy Father
and the world shall bow in obeisance
to your wisdom
graced unto you
a Father’s Love

© 16 June 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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