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Thursday, February 7, 2013

to be of thee

to be of thee

let us hide ourselves in the bushes
and linger with our hopes
that they may be come aflame
with the presence of God
that we become consumed
by the Fire which purges
all of our dastardly ways

is this the ultimate sacrifice
as we so forlornly await
the presence to come upon us

i am lost
and i have wandered
for many years
in my own personal desert
a place where i have sacrificed
my innocence and wonder
upon the sands of time

will you cleave a rock for me my Lorde
that i may drink
for my soul thirsteth for thy Holy Water

let me drink thy fill

the Commandments of Old
have lost their flavor among Man
and we are resurrecting our Babel
that Tower that pays homage unto
our own “genius”
flawed as it may be

you see
i know you are a witness
for what can be hidden
from He who is all things

All Eyes On Me
is what Tupac said
and in my head
it resonated
and my desecrated
demonstrated my disconnectedness
from that sacredness
i once took for granted
and now i long for

something about that dried up well
and i did not listen
to the telling of that story

but just the same
in whatever name
so be it
i do miss the water

and when this bush i hide behind
catches fire
my desire is but this
the bliss of that which i vie for
shall die for
deny no more
and that is
to be of thee

© 6 February 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

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