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Saturday, January 12, 2013

a Pre Easter Poem

i am always amazed, mystified and amused by how many people are celebrating Easter so early in this year and some do all year by Nailing themselves and / or others to the Cross . . . ~ wsp

a Pre~Easter Poem

i watched the blood dripping
in what i thought to be senseless
as the rivulets became small pools
upon the ground found
at the base of that tree

the nailing was a horrible experience
one i could not watch again
yet i, we must

i wondered, was this the end of this
or but the beginning

will there be other sacrificial lambs
to come
would it be you
or us all
as this new age dawns upon us

veni foras Dilecti Aquarius et
effunde spiritum tuum super terram
(come forth Dear Aquarius
and pour thy spirit upon the earth)

let us drink

is their a higher truth to be had
than this allegorical sacrifice
of life unto life

will we too have to walk that Holy Trail
when it is all spoken and done
in order to achieve the One-ness
which our Soul’s desire
live to die for
vie for
through our eternal restlessness

at times i question the perfect plan
the perfect will
and still
there are no answers

perhaps i am not ready

i have almost learned to let go of the world
but then again
that is but my empirical self speaking

there are many other Ghosts i must give up
they do not haunt me much any more
i have become quite adept
with my delusions
i have almost mastered then

but still there is that gnawing
perhaps it is that “Still Small Voice”
whispering to me
about choices

we all wish for some sort respite from ourselves
to some degree

it would be nice to be a lamb i think
and follow the herd
but i heard something from within
that was of me, but not

i know i have not completely forgot
those words scribed upon many Altars
“in meam commemorationem”
“In Remembrance of Me”

in absentia luci, tenebrae vincunt
(in the absence of light there is darkness

please see me

sic maxima cum admirationis
et corde pio veniam ad te
mihi quoque obsecro ut rmember
(so with the greatest of wonder
and a reverent heart i come unto thee,
and i pray that you remember me as well)

that i too one day will say to the world
i have stood my ground amongst you
indulged in your offerings
and have eaten from your table
and though i seemed to be full,
i have found no lasting pleasure
in your meals, for they were not
for the feeding of my soul,
but for the trial of my Sovereignty

veni, vidi, vici

12 January 2013 : william s. peters, sr

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