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Saturday, December 1, 2012

refuted logic

refuted logic

i refute the mixology of your song
that you have taught me to sing

you see . . . U C . . .
you told me that
God breathed me to life
and i was imbued by his Holy Spirit
and on the other hand
you tell me i am Sinful ?

can that which is perfect fail ?
i suspect not
or have we forgotten
what perfect was
we have been taught
to be satisfied
with what we have bought
and got caught up in
the illusion
of sin

can God sin

let me begin again

UC . . .
the God in me
did not ever leave me
save in my thoughts
which got caught
in that farce-filled fence of barbed wire
and Barbie dolls

you almost had me convinced
that God’s Fire
has went out
and only your shouts
and your prayers
could awaken His compassion
and fix my doubt
and my fears
for God only hears you

am i awakened yet
will i resurrect ?

tsk tsk tsk
a tisket a tasket
you can kiss my ass kid
on more time . . .  yet
please don’t
cause i won’t recover
when your un-lovable lips
grips me
and slips me
into that falsity
of false titties
filled with Silicon-us esteems
for the dreams you construct
seems to destruct
in a little while

so i never really did get a bite
of that sweet fruit
you advertise

so why the fuck am i smiling ?

let us shirk that shit shirt
you have yoked me with
and that truth
you now choke me with
stroke me with
that every little things
is gonna be alright
just as soon
as you tighten the noose
and let me loose
from my ill fated delusions

would that be the taste of death
the face of death ?

well really !!!!

all i have to do is wait for night
and go back to sleep
while you my man weep
for joy
while the “Good Ole Boyz”
who don’t know what the Hood looks like
take flight to those islands
of sanctuary
they play with their Gold Fairies
Stock Options
Buy Outs
Bail Outs
Notes and Votes
and each other
forgetting we once
were brothers

hey man .. .
is that your kin folk ?

Hell No Bro
that is a refuted logic as well
so quit “Harping”

© 1 Decembver 2012 : william s. peters, sr.

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